Thursday, November 10, 2011


my name is hannah and i am 12 years old. I correspond with a little boy from bangledesh his name is dipok and he is 10......i just got him so i have not gotten a letter from him yet but i am hoping to get one soon.

God blessed me with him...... maybe somday if u dont already sponsor i pray  you will and be as blessed as I am.I sponsor him through compassion.
                                                    with love,


  1. So excited for you Hannah!

    I love your new blog....

    You will love reading everyone's blog!

    Love you,
    Mrs. Teena

  2. I had so much fun helping you with your blog. You did a great job.Dipok is so cute. I am so glad we all have sweet, adorable children now.

    Much Love,

  3. Welcome to the blog world!!! So excited for you! Dipok is the CUTEST! Can't wait to read you following posts!

  4. Hi Hannah,
    Nice name (it's mine too!). I found you through Alyssa's blog. I love Compassion as well and one of the children I sponsor is a little girl from Bangladesh. She is too cute and I adore her! I can't wait to read more about your journey!


  5. Maybe both of your children are in the same project! Wouldn't that be cool! Two Hannah's with children in the same place!

    Much love,
    Mrs. Teena

  6. that would be cool miss teena.

  7. I hope everyone is doing good.i am praying for everyone... and all the little kids that are not sponored.i hope all of yalls kids are doing good.

  8. Hey, I know you haven't had much to talk on your blog about... but i have a suggestion. You could pick out a child or two from the website (compassion website) and post their pics so we can pray for them to be sponsored!!!!!(: If u wanna lol.


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